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Comprehensive list of Winston Salem, North Carolina based import and export companies.

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Innovation A world of ingredients. Sales and Service We don't troubleshoot, we troublesolve. At Corn Products U.S., our mission is to provide our clients with the ingredients they need to make their business a success. If you think you know all of the ingredients we provide, you might be surprised.

Bernards is an importer and distributor of domestic home furnishings. We provide products for all rooms in a home at sensible prices and styles from traditional to contemporary. In order to deliver the finest values to our clients, we shop the world and bring items from Brazil, China, Malaysia, Mexico, Taiwan and other countries where we find specialties to understand the requirements and please the

Clarke Veneers and Plywood is an international trading firm dedicated to the efficient distribution of the world's best natural renewable resource. Clarke imports, exports and domestically trades veneer, plywood, panels, lumber and engineered wood products, as well as manufactures sliced veneer. Clarke Veneers and Plywood works closely with its residential and overseas providers and clients.

JSL Partners is a growing, innovative firm delivering products and solutions for businesses throughout the world. We specialize in importing and exporting consumer products, and materials used to manufacture consumer products. JSL Partners prides itself on maintaining the highest integrity in the business.

Patriot Timber Products International. is dedicated to finding a huge array of wood products that meet the varied requirements of our clients. Wholesalers, architects, specialty manufacturers and furniture firms know we provide consistent quality and availability of the world's most pretty imported hardwoods, plywood underlayment and panel products.

Set up in 1932, Beard Hardwoods is one of America's leading hardwood lumber manufactures. The home office is in Greensboro, North Carolina. For over 75 years, Beard Hardwoods has devoted itself to providing the best possible quality and individual service. This long tradition of quality and service continues into this new era, whether clients are next door, or on the other side of the globe.

Unitex Chemical is a diversified leader among chemical suppliers manufacturing a broad product line including flame retardants and plasticizers for the adhesive, paint, and plastics industries. It offers polymeric and organic intermediates for clients who produce polymers, pharmaceuticals, agricultural and specialty chemicals.

You have counted on JB's Services for years servicing your car requirements. We have a new addition to the family----Brown Imports. Brown Imports providing dependable, affordable late model used pre-owned cars. Stop in and sell or buy your next vehicle! NEW cars arriving daily stop in for a test drive!