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Set up in August of 1979, G. Harris International is a wholesale non-ferrous processor/shipper. Centrally situated in Wilmington, CA, our yard is easily accessible from all of Southern California. We purchase metals primarily from the 12 western US, but import from Mexico, Central and South America.

Pro Packing., supplies expert packing, marshaling and transloading services to international shippers. This website supplies information about our expert and cost-efficient services.

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Our firm has been providing quality stones to commercial developers, independant contractors and private individuals in the Los Angeles area for thirty two years. Our precious, quality stones are imported from around the world and brought to you with unsurpassed client service. We pride ourselves on our capability to provide you the finest materials at our finest possible price.

Tuna is a precious food source of tremendous nutritional value. I was raised in Italy and grew up eating yellowfin packed in olive oil. It was so nice right from the can. There was no need to add anything to it. I am proud that Tri Marine is a main provider of tuna to the Italian market where tuna is still packed according to a very high quality of quality and presentation.

All roads lead to Rome Ancient Rome was a mecca for the world's business, commerce, art and politics. Hence the expression, all roads lead to Rome. These days, the Internet is the place to trade and exchange ideas. This is why it is so important to establish your Internet presence. It simply makes sense to relocate to the new Rome, for that is where the future is.

The Price Transfer Group is an industry-leader in delivering 3PL services within the ports of Los Angeles and Long Beach. With more than 70 years of knowledge serving the Los Angeles / Long Beach import/export community, we're your one-stop logistics experts.

I love the individual attention I always receive when shopping at Kole Imports. They have always given me 100%. After 5 years I can truly say they are my #1 profit source! Kole Imports has over twenty years of knowledge as a dollar store provider and is one of the USA's biggest wholesale direct importers of dollar store merchandise.