Importers & Exporters in Hudson, OH

Comprehensive list of Hudson, Ohio based import and export companies.

Business Listings

Lianda Corporation is an importer and distributor of specialty rubbers, plastics and chemicals. For over 10 years, we currently have founded ourselves as a reliable source of best quality products to the rubber and plastic industry. In this competitive global environment, there are strong requirements from our existing and potential new clients to source products from around the world.

We're importers and wholesalers of fine linens and handkerchiefs since 1976. For fine quality look for our logo.

Akron Ex-Im is a US exporting firm that has served primarily the industrial sectors across the globe delivering quality machinery, spare parts, and accessibility to engineering services for over twenty five years. Akron Ex-Im understands that no matter what the end product may be, many of the industrial facilities all over the world run on the same popular Electrical, Pneumatic, Hydraulic, and Technological

Note: Ken-Tool no longer makes or sells Oldforge and Carica products. Ken-Tool is the leading manufacturer of tire service tools in the world, featuring Hub-Shark, Hard Cap, Serpent tools and Ken-Tool brand vises.

Salazar provides a complete array of parts for US brands of Heavy Duty Trailers and Trucks. Salazar International has been exporting and importing goods for over 45 years. Our philosophy is to supply the highest level of service possible and treat each and every client as our most important client.

National BoraXX was set up in 1987. The corporate objective is the importing and distribution of borate chemicals. We are the North American representative for Quiborax LTD in Arica, Chile. We utilize the most modern technology available in product production and laboratory analysis. The team is well trained and extremely experienced.

We continue to build on over fifty years of manufacturing experience with Quality Products, Innovation in engineering, Service and Support to our clients. We continue to grow our steel articulated piston providing with the addition of 12.7L series 60 engine kits.

Getting you from Point A to Point B is the job of any mover, but what happens in between is just as important. What if your Point B is out of the mover's selection? Or, what if your mover can only get there by way of Points C, D, and E? That is why you need a comprehensive moving firm, one that has the ability to handle all aspects of moves to all aspects of places.