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Quotes delayed at least 20 minutes. Quote offered by 3rd party. General Chemical is a leading producer of value-added, performance chemicals marketed to four primary market segments; water treatment, chemical processing, technology and pharmaceutical & food. Find out more about our products here.

Our goal is to breed, evolve and produce superior quality vegetable and flower varieties to understand the full potential of a dynamic market. American Takii. recognizes the importance of client service and developing client relations for a long-term partnership.

History Learn about the birth of Kagome and how the firm has evolved in the past century. Our Logo Explore the deep meaning of each element of the Kagome logo. International Presence Find out more information on Kagome's overseas operations and how we can assist you with your global expansion initiative. Mission & Core Values What's important to Kagome as an organization.

Set up in 1983 as a complete service Export Trading Company ETC, Worldwide Exporters is now in its 3rd decade of the business of facilitating trade among willing international clients that seek goods and solutions from American manufacturers and providers.

My jewelry is quality stones and sterling silver using my own unique designs. I sell wholesale to stores webshops and wholesalers throughout the world importing primarily from India and various other Asian countries. I am situated in the U.S.A. on the W coast. My handicrafts are a huge range of costume jewelry, scarves in an assortment of fabrics, hand bags, shoes/sandles and accessories.

Universal Export ltd UXL., set up in 1993, is a complete service international trade and marketing firm located in Silicon Valley, California. We specialize in exports of environmentally safe industrial and household chemicals, bioremediation for hazardous and non-hazardous waste water clean-up, low income housing projects and Joint Venture consultation.

Prune Concentrate Prune Juice Concentrate is a versatile ingredient. Not only as a base for prune juice, it is a functional ingredient for baking applications and can even be used as a nutritional supplement. If you need a source of prune concentrate, look to us 1st. We provide quality concentrate in a range of acid/viscosity combinations at competetive prices.

For more than over fifty years, Western States Oil Company has been reliably providing petroleum products throughout the 17 Western states and parts of Asia.A family owned business since 1956, the firm is committed to serving our clients old and new. We pride ourselves in knowing we provide the finest in quality, service, and reasonable prices.