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Comprehensive list of Champaign, Illinois based import and export companies.

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A compact trainer with the proven NexSTAR formula! Cessna style now available in a receiver-ready version! The racing RTR with all the extras and no equals! Do not duplicate or redistribute in any form.

Frasca International manufactures flight training equipment for airlines, flight schools and military organizations worldwide. Founded in 1958, Frasca has provided over 2200 devices to over 70 countries. The 1st FSTD will be installed at Era Training Center's facility in 2011 and will meet the certification needs defined by FAA Part 60, Level 6. AgustaWestland, as prime contractor, has partnered with

I have traveled all over the world and have exported animals, equipment, and provides to many countries in Latin America, Africa, Asia, and Europe. I have recieved the President's E award for excellence in exports on two different occasions, while a part of two different organizations.

Animal agriculture plays an important role in improving the type of living for people around the world. Using new higher quality genetics gives producers the flexibility to increase the production, performance and profit of their livestock operations.

Corncobs have been processed for over 50 years, and you may be surprised to learn that corncob products are used in over one hundred different applications. The most important characteristic of corncob products is their absorbency their capacity to hold up to four times their weight in fluid.

Hitachi Metals America Ltd., headquartered in Purchase, NY, is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Hitachi Metals, Ltd. and has approx. Since its inception in 1965, the firm manufactures and markets a broad array of Hitachi Metals' products in addition to general administration of investments, loans and finances for its subsidiaries and division firms in the U.S. It has 6 manufacturing subsidiaries and 6

A group of industrial cleaning contractors formed Guzzler Manufacturing in 1980. Each truck that was designed and built reflected years of hands-on experience, and the founders pledged to make the specific requirements of contractors the driving force behind all product development.

In addition to full-service welding Mobile, Fixed Plant, and Containerized, we build rail equipment, perform track testing, clean and repair railcars, design and operate transloading pods, manufacture components for railcars, and more. Holland LP is hiring! Interested in a job at Holland?