How Can I get began with United Global Sourcing UGS and begin to manufacture overseas? First, we need to understand your business and your expectations for your product. We are excited to hear from you! Shell has been doing business with UGS for over 4 years, and they have integrity, deep expertise and a reliable provide chain.

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United Global Sourcing was founded in 1981 with the idea that we could become "the manufacturer's manufacturer." Today our organization that has grown far beyond what we could have envisioned almost forty years ago. Some companies simply connect you to a manufacturer and then disappear, leaving you mired in miscommunication and quality issues. Your needs are unique, and we are confident that our expert team will identify a fully vetted reliable supplier to fulfill your precise specifications. While you may not have known about UGS until now, it is almost certain that a product we make is presently in your home, in your car or at your favorite store.

Sit back and relax, because we handle all the logistics and services needed to deliver products from the factory to your door. From ocean freight or air shipment; customs clearance; duties, taxes and fees; to rail or ground delivery to your warehouse, we've got it covered. All the fees and costs associated with logistics services and customs management are included in your quote. From determining customs classification to coordinating container packing and delivery and everything in between, our experts have logistics and delivery down to a science.

Since more than half of all purchase decisions are made in-store, the look and feel of a product package has a major influence on final consumer purchase behavior. The right packaging showcases and enhances your product; the wrong packaging, on the other hand, can stall sales. From messaging and graphics to printing and assembly, we'll help ensure your packaging is on target. And because we understand how important packaging is to the success of a product, we also include it in your pre-production sample-unlike anyone else in the business.

Having sourced thousands of individual SKUs for hundreds of unique customers, we can identify the most capable factory for virtually any part or product you may require. From precision machined castings & forgings; to plastic-injection molded plastic and rubber; to stampings and assemblies, we can match your needs with a proven Asian sourced supplier. We'll negotiate the lowest possible price, monitor quality control during production, and deliver the products with a confirmed, all cost-inclusive quotation.