Welcome to our website. Tropical Forest. is a wholesale seed firm located in Texas. We specialize in the importation and sale of tropical plant and palm seeds produced on our farms in Mexico. More than 55 years ago L. E. Chano Guerra was the 1st to collect and sell Chamaedorea Elegans palm seed. The Guerra family has been in the seed business ever since and while C. Elegans, or Neanthe Bella Palm, seed is still our largest selling item, our product line has grown through the years to include the seeds, cuttings and bulbs of more than fifty species of tropical plants and palms.

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  City Mission, TX
  Zip Code 78573
  Address 3801 Los Ebanos Road
  Phone Number (956) 585-8368

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We welcome any questions, comments or suggestions you may have; or if you would like to inquire about us from one of our customers in your area, please contact usand we will reply promptly.

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Thank you for your site. A Go Daddy Rep said I could look at your site to see what could be done. We have a plumbing company to advertise so it won't be so exotic, however, I think I will make a go of it. We currently use Yellow Pages and Yellow Book and they are VERY, VERY expensive! Your site is BEAUTIFUL. I loved viewing the nursery photos, and the animal photos with the background music and all your helpful hints. I took you up on the idea to check out the site. I've been on your site cruzing around for about and hour to get familar with it.