Through conducting consistent research our firm understands how Global Trade is constantly increasing small U.S. businesses sales figures and statistics show how trade is consistently stimulating our economy and economies around the world. Unlimited growth potential abroad for small to medium size businesses is what created our firm in which we will strive to take the myths and intimidation out of Global Trade and help small to medium size businesses succeed in the International Marketplace which is becoming apart of our everyday life. Seymour International is here to help businesses prosper and gain access to overseas buyers and establish business products and services in untapped markets for longevity and growth.

Understanding the needs of small to medium size businesses and the limitations that plague them by limiting themselves to only selling products in the U.S. domestic marketplace has become a problem. Sales slow down and competition gets fierce in the domestic marketplace and in return makes your business vulnerable to economic uncertainty. Since 95 percent of the consumers live outside the U.S. and trade is increasing every year small businesses must get into Global Trade now. Small to medium size business products that may not sell as well in the U.S. markets may have a chance to prosper in a different part of the world fulfilling a need and filling a void.

Market research has allowed Seymour International Trade Group to see unlimited exporting opportunities abroad. While research shows how small business domestic sales are fluctuating and how many are going out of business because of high overhead, rising production cost, and stagnant sales. It is time for businesses to diversify and take advantage of the global markets that can keep the dream of owning and sustaining a prosperous business alive and well not only in dreams but in reality.

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