Because it's always much more than just freight. Logfret is an international freight forwarding firm comprised of 190 offices and agencies in over 65 countries. We know that each and every shipment represents both all the effort that went into the establishment of the goods you're sending, as well as the expectations of the recipients of those goods.

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Moving the world's leading brands globally by Air, Ocean, and Land. NEOLink, the industry's best digital freight solution, and our dedicated experts give you accountability, flexibility, and control over your supply chain. With NEOLink, you have one centralized platform with end-to-end supply chain visibility - giving you valuable insight for real-time decision making. The global logistics industry is at a crucial point in its development, according to a new report. NEOLinkwsppracowa z naszym systemem przetwarzania zamwie.

NEOLinkwsppracowa z naszym systemem przetwarzania zamwie. Nie zastpowa go ani nie forsowa rozwiza na si. Logfretzrobi to lepiej ni inne firmy na rynku - dostosowa swj system do naszego. Logfretnie przyszeddo nas, mwic:-Mamy takie rozwizanie i albo je wykorzystacie, albo nie bdziemy wsppracowa. We made a huge improvement in global visibility with a global platform-anyone can log into NEOLink and look at a shipment anytime, anywhere in the world. We wanted a freight forwarder with a good technology platform, which could handle the complexities of our business and we found NEOLink!