As a customer service portal for our TMW enterprise software, eStat gives you the tools you need to place orders quickly and more accurately and track the status on your loads. Our staff reduces time spent on data entry, phone calls and reporting. Enjoy fast updates on orders, an immediate response to status requests and automated load tenders without the overhead of EDI.

With CIS, you can receive regular PM-due notifications for specific equipment, check on status of open repair orders, vehicle maintenance histories, request repair estimates for specific service items or schedule an appointment for service. You can also pull up a range of valuable reports about your fleet history, costs per mile or per vehicle and more.

Our Carrier Hub is a web-based application that allows a trucking company or broker to post available loads for third-party carriers on the Internet. In turn, these carriers use Carrier Hub to submit requests for the loads that they want to haul, and to track and update the progress of assigned loads.

Contact Details

  City Omaha, NE
  Zip Code 68127
  Address 7878 I Street
  Phone Number (402) 970-4252

Customer Testimonials

Right from the first conversation with one of their recruiters (Becky), this company has impressed us. They're honest and upfront; they're welcoming and easy to talk to; our DM (Ubon) has got to be the best in the industry; they take great care of their equipment; and they care about their drivers. Communication is clear and quick. They have been very supportive through a family emergency, and that is huge.
Our miles and pay have been low, but only because of that family emergency...and still we're making very decent paychecks!

Very very happy to be here!!

My husband and I must have called thirty companies before we chose to go with Hill Bros. So far its been perfect really. Just a few of the perks are a positive work environment, great trucks, awesome dispatch, happy positive recruiter, no micromanagement, many Hill relatives/family involved with the business, pet policy, top of the market pay and pay advancement for teams, all questions answered upfront and honest, orientation was fun and quick with great input both mentally and for our bellys...thank you for the lunches;). We knew we made the right decision over all the competition after we made it to Omaha. Its pretty competitive and after a few weeks in we are even more happy. One week we get 5500 miles the next is 6500 which is huge. They will run you as much as you can handle as a team. Everything has been made simple for us and really there is no drawbacks that have come up. We both feel blessed to find our perfect company

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