Featuring more than 45 delicious fruit and vegetable products with extraordinary health benefits, Graceland assures ever-increasing provides of raw fruits and vegetables from field to consumer. With new expanded capacity, Graceland offers food manufacturers worldwide new product opportunities to understand the requirements of today's health conscious, convenience driven consumer.

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  City Frankfort, MI
  Zip Code 49635
  Address 1123 Main Street
  Phone Number (231) 352-7181

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Graceland Fruit, Inc. is a leading producer and global distributor of premium quality dried fruit ingredients for the food industry. We make authentic ingredients that add distinctive taste, texture, visual, and nutrition appeal to a wide variety of delicious foods. Some of the largest and most prestigious food companies in the world include our exceptional dried fruits in their products and menu items. Our premium quality dried fruits, service excellence, reliable supply, and collaborative innovation make it easy for our customers to surprise and delight their consumers.

Exceptional ingredients start with exceptional fruit from exceptional growers. Our proprietary process converts fresh-frozen fruit into the premium ingredients that carry our name. Combined with service excellence and innovation, we deliver delight. Our exceptional dried fruit starts with high-quality fresh fruit harvested at peak season and flash frozen to preserve its integrity, nutrition, vibrant color, and authentic flavor. We partner directly with quality obsessed growers in prime growing regions across North America to source the premium fruit that becomes our premium ingredients, many of whom have grown for us since our founding in 1973.