Overview Druv International is in global distrubution of industrial and marine products with head quarters in US. We have trade offices in Bangalore, India and Dubai, UAE. What We Do Druv International distribute Industrial, marine, office, business and communication products from major US manufactures through out the world. We have strong precence in East as well as in West.

Contact Details

  City Sacramento, CA
  Zip Code 95816
  Address 2714 South Street
  Phone Number (916) 203-3500

From Our Website

Established in 2005 with goal to server industrial and marine explorationbusiness customers. Westarted out serving US commercial customers operations in world wide and then expanded supporting government and global business powerhouses in a global level. Working directly with manufacturers and customers Druv Int'l offers you a comprehensive solution in contract procurement, JIT inventory and an expansive range of product offering that is coupled with a service offering that is unmatched in the industry.